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Let me introduce myself, TheLittleTravel

🇬🇧   My name is Sonia, also know as TheLittleTravel on Instagram. I have a great passion for travel, it makes me feel well, it makes me happy, it widens my knowledges and It inspires me creativity.

In my life, however, I haven’t always been like this, until my 25° birthday, I didn’t like to go overseas and my holidays were limited to the same sea, same location and habits.

But one day, while I was living in my routine, I felt bad. It was a really difficult period of my life, but fortunately after a lot of medical checks everything was fine.

From that day, things changed completely. I re-evaluated my life and I decided to experience what I was postponing (unfortunately until it’s too late most people don’t think seriously about the time and about the moment will not have it anymore).

At that time I remember that I wished to see the Northern Lights, I postponed that experience for many years due to the costs, but after the period of convalescence I left immediately, from there I never stopped myself.

Up until today I,ve been in Turkey, Egypt, Italy, France, Germany, England, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Greece and Australia and what about the next stop? Japan, Iceland, USA and I will continue to travel for long time! 🙂

Why this Blog?

In my life I have always worked in graphic communication, but over the years I specialized in digital and web. I also love art and photography.

The blog was born with the aim to mix my passion for the travel to my professional training, as well as that of photography, but not only this! I decided to open the blog cause I have always loved sharing what I experienced with other people. We live in a beautiful world and it would be a shame “to leave” without having visited as much as possible.

The mission:  Inspire people to travel more.

I believe in the importance of encouraging people to make new travel experiences with a more open mind and without prejudices.

This blog is for you, that you might want to leave, but you don’t know how to start, it is for you that adore beautiful images, for you that would like some inspirations or an idea of itinerary, for you that, maybe like me, after years spending your time in the same routine, now you want a true and authentic experience that will remain in your heart forever.

At the end, life is a great trip and the adventures that you do along the way are nothing more than small travel “TheLittleTravel”.

Follow me for itineraries, Inspirations, tips and write me for any travel doubts, I will be very happy to help you and meet other traveller like me!

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