Italy – The Dolomites Tour

San Cassiano → 4 passi → Corvara → Braies Lake → Fanes – Senes – Braies Natural Park 

map of the dolomites tour

The Dolomites Tour

The Dolomites are a mountain range extending from Veneto to Friuli V. G. that offers the most beautiful natural landscapes of Italy.
I showing you one of the possible itineraries, that you can do to explore this area.
I hope that my following suggestions could be useful to you spending some days there.

As strategic point to visit this part of the Dolomites chose San Cassiano and we slept in a local B&B named “Ciasa Roby“.
From there we spent the first day visiting the Braies lake: really lovely!
A beautiful path runs along the perimeter of the lake; from there you can admire the landscape and take wonderful pictures, as well as enjoy beautiful views.
The path is approximately 2 hours, so bring with you comfortable trekking shoes.
You will be enchanted with the beautiful colours of the area, especially during the Spring and the Summer.

From San Cassiano you can easily visit the neighboring towns like Corvara and also  spend a few days exploring the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Reserve. There are a lot of possible paths and to orient you I recommend to download one of the many apps dedicated to the CAI paths of the Dolomites.
Choose the one that best suits your needs and especially your training: you will find a sign with the duration and the route at the beginning of each path.
Then take your backpack and lost yourself into the nature, you will be surrounded by breathtaking views! If you’ll be lucky, you will meet some typical animals of the area, like alpaca, wild cows, deer and much more. I had the pleasure of meeting two very nice alpacas near the Rifugio Scotoni, you can see them in the photos below.

Some Tips:

Bring with you comfortable trekking shoes, you will really need them because the paths often include rocky areas, steep and narrow passages.
You are in Trentino! You must taste absolutely the delicious cheese, fresh milk and yogurt typical of the area, a delight for the palate! Match them to the various mustards and jams made with fresh fruit from the area, try the best apples you have ever had in your life and the most typical dessert: “the strudel”.

If you enjoyed my tour, let me know with a comment below and download the illustrated map to bring it with you as starting point for your next trip.

What eat?

The best: Fresh milk, fruit especially the apples, yogurt, honey, marmalade, mustard and all cheeses.

cibo tipico trentino

Where to sleep?

I slept at Ciasa Robby a B&B in San Cassiano:

Ciasa Roby San cassiano

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